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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  April 14, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> potentially deadly storms to hit the midwest right now. more than one dozen tornadoes spotted, people taking shelter and life-threatening weather could intensify overnight. a shocking scene for customers at a bay area starbucks when a man shoots a woman and kills themselves. tired of not getting enough help from the police, the group taking matters into its own hands in one rough neighborhood. one person is dead and three others are missing after a deadly boat crashed at 3:00 this afternoon about 27 mi. west of the golden gate bridge. a 38 ft. sailing boat was involved in a race around the islands when it ran aground.
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the coast guard rescued two people while a helicopter rescued a third. one person who did not survive was pulled from the water. the coast guard is still searching for three remaining occupants. a man walked up to a woman and shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself. police got a call at 930 this morning after witnesses heard gunshots in the starbucks parking lot. the man's body was near a silver bmw and inside, a 17 month old girl. police believe it was a murder suicide >> at this point we feel very confident it is not a threat to public safety at this time and the people involved are here at the scene >> the toddler has been turned over to child protective services. police have not revealed the identities of the man or woman. in many bay area communities budget cuts mean essentials services like fire and police
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are stretched till limit. recently the problem reached crisis levels for oakland police. a group of civilian volunteers is stepping in to help patrol the streets. >> dressed in black and walking one of oakland's meanest streets these off-duty volunteers are helping to make changes >> we hope to empower the community because everyone deserves to be safe >> they are not the first volunteers to try to take on international boulevard. a group of guardian angels put on a similar group showing. this new group of volunteers calls itself the bay area street safety patrol and says it is here to fill a void >> i think it will be fabulous for the neighborhood because it shows that somebody is out here watching >> a week ago oakland police had more calls than they could handle and staffing issues were blamed. in 13 of the city's 35 beats
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there were no officers on patrol >> i open my arms and say welcome to the community >> even though he hires armed security guards to protect his businesses, he welcomes the unarmed volunteers >> i really don't think that they cannot do anything negative, it is all positive. >> but not everyone is a fan of the men and women in black. at an intersection this man jumped from his car to do a dance with negative connotations >> we usually don't try to be confrontational and once the light turned they got back in their car but they also saw that we are here >> no one believes a few off- duty security guards are a solution but many think it is a right step in the right direction >> new information tonight on the deadly firing standoff in modesto when police say the man
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accused of killing a deputy and another man was prepared to do battle. officers say several weapons including an assault rifle were found close to the suspects body. they also found a gas mask and police radios. the standoff started when a deputy went to the man's apartment to serve an eviction notice. right now storms are pounding parts of the midwest and we're getting reports from wichita that say people are taking cover. dozens of tornadoes are being reported up and down the midwest like these twin tornadoes in oklahoma and this monster near kansas. baseball size tail broke windows and damaged homes in nebraska. people need to stay informed and active in moment's notice >> we have a large tornado >> the plain states are bearing
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the brunt of a powerful storm system. it could be a high end life- threatening event potentially affecting 5.5 million americans from texas to minnesota. >> in multiple day event is now under way and a potentially serious situation >> the national weather service confirmed at least two tornadoes touched down in oklahoma saturday. two barns were destroyed but she says the damage could have been worse >> we have the gazebo and the fence otherwise it would of went through the house >> is coming straight for us >> it twister touched down friday near the university of oklahoma. the damage was fairly minimal and only minor injuries were reported. >> make sure you have your plan and talk it over with your family and monitor the forecast constantly. >> we did have the clause are
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ready and some supplies to we're ready just in case >> it has been an unusually active tornado season so far. this march is the fourth deadliest on record. >> is the agency trusted with the life of the president of the united states, the men in black with sunglasses, but tonight controversy within the ranks about a dozen secret service agents being relieved of duty accused of misconduct. it involves prostitution. >> while president obama was meeting with top ceos and talking about energy and trade, his message was overshadowed by scandal and the agency sworn to protect him. several women, some believe to be prostitutes were brought to this hotel by secret service personnel who were later to involved in a dispute about payment according to government
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sources. >> the president was made aware of the incident in question yesterday and the white house was informed thursday evening. >> one of the agents refused to pay one of the prostitutes and she complained to the police and they in turn reported it to the secret service who also involve the state department and white house and the agents were removed on thursday and >> the secret service says a 11 agents were involved and that they were relieved of duty, interviewed and placed on administrative leave. they were not on the president's personal the detective detail but part of a support team. even though prostitution is legal in some areas of columbia it is said it is highly embarrassing for the agency and a breach of conduct >> they are representing the united states president and the
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ambassador and their behavior is expected to be at the highest level at all times while conducting government business in a foreign country >> the pentagon confirmed five members of the military who were supporting the secret service may also been involved in inappropriate conduct allegedly at the same hotel. seriously and that the matter was turned over to the office of professional responsibility which handles internal investigations. as for the service members, the defense department says they're still in country confined to quarters and not allowed to contact other people. one military official says he is disappointed. >> the president says legalizing drug use is not the answer to trafficking illegal narcotics in
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the americas. he is countering a growing chorus in latin america to decriminalize drug use as a way to use deadly cartel violence >> i think it is entirely legitimate to have a conversation about whether allot in place are ones that are doing more harm than good in certain places. i personally and my administration's position is that legalization is not the answer >> the president said the answer is having societies with strong economics, rules of law and if all law enforcement infrastructure. an unusual sight in liberal san francisco 170 party activists rallied in justin herman plaza. they say their presence in san francisco is symbolic because
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the city is " the cradle for progressivism in america " and they say they want to see the obama administration defeated and to reduce the size of government >> a government intends to rule over the people rather than be servants and we're looking for a return to government that is small and free enterprise determines the outcome of the nation >> the letters stand for tax the enough already and the groups rally takes place april 15th. it was battered by a huge wave on a race to the oakland and tonight is back out to see what are the injured crew members had to be rescued on it. one of the world's deadliest disasters was 100 years ago tonight. why experts say so many are still captivated by the titanic. >> we have a few clouds settling
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in tonight. sunshine makes a comeback for the rest of the weekend. the forecast is coming up next at
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>> firefighters kept this fire in a word from spreading to the next door but one unit is unlevel. the fire started in the entryway where there were a number of flammable items including fertilizer. no one was hurt. police and oakland are looking for vandals who set a parking
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lot attendants with on fire. it was at broadway and 17th street at midnight last night. they also found shattered glass from more than 15 cars that had been broken into. after a few weeks off a race around the world is back on tonight. 10 yachts left jack london square in oakland tonight. one of them was hit by a wave that injured three crew members leading to the rescue. >> pretty nervous because the last time i was in the boat was when i was strapped into my bonk >> call them glutton for punishment, the crew is going back for more >> i guess it is a venture >> their pet dissipating in a race around the world and on their most recently they were hit by a rogue wave 400 mi. off the california coast. >> all of a sudden we were under
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water >> as soon as we got steering, we treated the casualties >> nick had a hip injury and his teammate at a broken rib and a lung injury forcing her to drop out of the race. they were rescued by the coast guard and brought to dry land where the 10 yachts finally joined them in oakland >> it has been fabulous >> oakland's economy got a shot in the arm. the crew spent millions of dollars at local hotels and restaurants during the two weeks they were here >> it has been a huge financial boom so we're very blessed >> he feels blessed to be leaving on the next leg of the race >> a little bit anxious but i'm looking forward to it so should be a good sendoff >> the race is set to end on
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july 22nd in southampton in england, right where it began. >> a gorgeous day for them to set sail. >> it will actually get a bit warmer tomorrow and even warmer the next day. we are in for a drive boring weather pattern but compared to last week maybe we need a little bit of a break from all the rain. now we are looking at nice clear skies, selling over the bay area. 56 in oakland and 54 in concord. a few clouds will settle in overnight and temperatures will be on the cool side. mostly in the mid-40s to upper '40's across some parts of the bay and inland. temperatures will be a little bit warmer tomorrow that what we saw today. satellite and radar is showing
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what is going on, i pressure remains in effect and it looks like it is not going anywhere. your overnight lows, 47 in oakland, in concord, sunshine for tomorrow and highs reaching 72 in sacramento, 53 in the lake tahoe area. closer to home across the bay area, 63 in san rafael. 70 degrees in mountain view. over the next few days, mostly sunny skies along the coast for tomorrow and on monday it looks like we're warming up a little bit more and by wednesday, a few
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rain showers. it will only be mainly north of the golden bay and to whatever we do get will be not much at all. staying dry through the end of the workweek and on into next weekend. we had a big game tonight and another game tomorrow, 1 05 is game time and temperatures should be in the mid-60s. 000 >> 100 years ago today at 11:40 p.m. on april 14th 1912, the british ship that was supposed to be the ultimate in luxury and safety struck an iceberg in the atlantic. the titanic sank 2 1/2 hours later. ceremonies and exhibits around the world are marking the 100th
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anniversary of the disaster. >> it may be 100 years since the titanic sank to the ocean floor but the world is still captivated by her fateful voyage. >> if from belfast to halifax >> welcome aboard >> the ship panels beautifully, it is designed for performance >> people are lining up by the thousands to see the titanic as she was one century ago >> that is the way the constellations looked at night. there was no moon, no wind, you could not see any water lapping up against an iceberg. it was a combination of errors that took place >> visitors to the museum in tennessee are transported back in 1912. they see life in the cloud
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cabins, experienced the nightmare of trying to escape helles scenarios and the beauty of the ship before she was lost. there may be no better representation of the titanic's majesty and opulence than this, the grand staircase, the first- class passengers entry point to the biggest and best ship of the time. the only photographs taken aboard, madeleine's life preserver and the 1500 names of those who perished in the icy waters of the north atlantic. >> it has a great mystique >> the museum is the vision of john and his wife mary. what is the anniversary mean to you? >> it means that we have a position in life when we are helping to carry the legacy of the titanic and we're also often
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ask how we pay respect to those who gave their lives and it is simply to tell their stories >> among the many titanic anniversary events, a memorial crews that left southampton. it will hold a ceremony tonight at the place where the ship went down. he was a member of a wildly popular group the bee gees. tonight, robin gibb is said to be gravely ill.
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>> pop legend robin givens of the bee gees is in a coma and died after developing pneumonia. a statement says he is " gravely ill ". family members are said to be at his bedside. he was hospitalized last year for stomach and colon problems. the report says he has cancer. his twin brother morris give died in 2003 and a younger brother andy died in 1988 at the age of 30. some famous names are on a list
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of california's biggest tax delinquents. former be what star pamela anderson owes more than half a million dollars in back taxes. lionel richie owes more than $1 million and a lien has been issued a warning that his assets could be seized. other big names include cnet co-founder halsey minor and joe francis the founder of the girls gone wild video empire. perfect weather today for outdoor labor. dozens of volunteers participated in the earth day cleanup event. volunteers are needed now more than ever. the state's budget will be more than $9 billion short and state parks are on the chopping block. >> there are 70 parks that we can no longer afford to operate but and so far we have saved 13 and we have potential for about 20 others.
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>> volunteers also donated food benefiting san francisco and marin food banks. >> the giants may be in a market for new clothes are.
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>> the giants close our brian wilson has structural damage to his right elbow which will likely require surgery that will sideline him for the rest of the season. the news was much better on the field, the pirates' shortstop makes a poor throw home allowing emmanuel burris to score the winning run. the giants win 4-3.
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a solo home run and the mariners catcher drove in three runs winning 4-0. the nhl playoffs, the sharks and deluz combined for 132 penalty minutes. as for the actual hockey, st. louis got on the board 90 seconds into the game when the sharks into their own net. the bluesman 3-0. the warriors are down to nine healthy players. the clippers win 112-104. the boys of nascar in texas we don't have the final word on brian wilson. he will get to other opinions. not looking good right now.
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>> what does that mean? >> someone else needs to step up. it will work out. >> the news is always on
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